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    It depends on the policy cover you have bought. Ask us if you don’t know.

    • General Accident offers a Loss of use optional benefit that provides an allowance for alternative transport for a specific period of time.
    • If you are uncertain if your policy covers loss of use, ask us when you report your claim.

    This depends on many different factors and it is true the process can be longer than you would like. Claims are usually settled within ten (10) working days upon receipt of the Adjuster’s Report provided that the incident does not require any additional investigations.

    • For Comprehensive Policies, we can proceed with settlement from your policy and recover from the Third Party’s Insurer. When claiming from your policy, the policy excess will be payable by you and recoverable from the Third Party’s Insurer.
    • For Third Party Policies, you will need to make a claim to the Third Party’s Insurer. We will issue a coverage letter which must be submitted together with an estimate, VAT Letter, Certified Copy of Ownership, Driver’s Permit and ID.

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