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Engineering Insurance

Designed specifically for the needs of builders and developers, Engineering Insurance covers a wide range of engineering-related risks.

The comprehensive insurance provides complete protection against risks associated with hardscape erection, resting, and working of any machinery, plant or equipment.

Protect your ongoing projects, plant, machinery or electronic equipment against loss or damage.

Get more information on how to how to classify your project and what coverage to get by talking to your broker, agent, or contact any of our friendly and helpful customer service representatives!


The construction site can offer a lot of risks.

The Contractors All-Risks and Erection All-Risks provide coverages for physical loss or damage (subject to policy exclusions) and can be extended to include Third Party Liability.

It caters for buildings as well as civil works (such as roads, harbours, bridges, et cetera), the plant and equipment on the site.


Accidents happen, especially in a fast-paced place like a construction site. The Boiler and Pressure Vessel coverage caters for sudden and unforeseen damage to the insured plant from explosion and collapse.

The coverage can also be extended to include damage to other property of the Insured or Third Parties Bodily Injury and Property Damage.


The loss of small and big machinery to any construction site can be devastating. Machinery All-Risks cover caters for loss or damage to Plant and Equipment from extraneous perils and can be written for fixed plant as well as mobile contractors’ plant.


This cover caters for sudden and unforeseen damage to Plant and Machinery due to breakdown of its working parts. This is usually written in conjunction with a Machinery All-Risks policy.


Equipment is important to the proper functioning of a business.

The Equipment All-Risks cover for desktops, laptops, telephone systems, scanners, and includes breakdown or derangement for both hardware and software.

The cover is written on a replacement basis and the sums insured must reflect replacement costs.

The Insured must also provide a full description and identifying numbers for all equipment.


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