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    Preparing your vehicle for bad weather (hurricane)

    The Atlantic Hurricane Season has begun and continues until November. Have you thought about protecting your car? Here are a few ways you can prepare and protect your vehicle this hurricane season.

    1. Park in a safe place

    If you are without a garage or porch, be sure to park away from trees, poles, wires or other objects that may fall on your car. Don’t park in an area which is likely to flood, if possible.

    1. Service and fill up

    When a storm threatens, service your vehicle and fill up the gas tank. There may be an emergency causing you to leave home or it may be awhile before petrol stations are open again. You can also keep extra jugs of gas in the trunk.

    1. Keep a travel pack

    Store an emergency backpack for each member of your family in the vehicle. In the event of an emergency evacuation, this can save you valuable time. This pack should have water, food, clothing, and a basic first aid kit.

    1. Secure documents

    Take the original documents out of the car and make copies. It may be a good idea to place the copies in a sealed, watertight bag in the glove compartment before the hurricane hits. Your original papers should also be placed in a sealed, watertight bag in an easy-to-grab location in your home.

    1. Keep records

    As a precautionary measure, take photographs of your vehicle before the storm. If it does get damaged, you will have proof of its condition for your insurance company.

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