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    Get The Coverage You Need With Insurance Payment Plans


    At General Accident, getting the insurance coverage you need doesn’t mean emptying your pockets. As a part of the Genac promise to you we offer payment plans to help you stay covered without breaking the bank. Getting the coverage you need is possible with a payment plan from General Accident.

    What is a payment plan?

    A payment plan is an agreement where payment is spread across a period of time.

    What’s the benefit of a payment plan?

    • Coverage upfront with manageable payments

    We know how important insurance coverage is, so having access to the coverage you need, even when you can’t afford a full premium payment, is a great way to stay covered no matter what. 

    • Set your own priorities/ Plan your cash flow

    With monthly payments, you can set your own priorities. Choose the payment plan that provides the best opportunity to pay with ease and fits within your budget. Stay on top of your finances by creating your own priority list. 

    • Upfront costs are lower 

    Thinking about paying for your insurance is not so scary when you know it can be broken into smaller, manageable payments. There’s no big figure looming over your head to be paid immediately. Instead payment plans make huge upfront costs a thing of the past. Weren’t able to save your full insurance premium?  If you opt for a payment plan the amount you did save could cover the first monthly payment of your plan and buys you time to gather the rest.

    How to make payments using a payment plan?

    To make your insurance premium monthly payments, you have two options. You can speak with a Genac representative to get started and make your payment at any of our twelve conveniently located offices or use the online payment option at genac.com.

    To start a payment online, visit the General Accident website, genac.com. Select the pay online button. Insert the details requested on the payment page. You’ll need your policy number and credit card details to complete the process. 

    Insurance is a smart investment everyone can afford with the payment plans offered at General Accident. Whether it’s insurance for your home or motor car, you can stay covered with Genac. The process is simple and with lower upfront costs you can plan for your expenses on your own terms.

    Speak with a Genac representative today by calling 22GENAC or visit any of our twelve locations throughout the country.

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