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    10 Road Safety Practices To Remember For Back To School

    As schools reopen this week, drivers in major towns and cities can expect heavier traffic and longer delays. Driving with young passengers requires particular caution. Here are 10 road safety practices to remember for back to school.

    1) Drive carefully
    When driving through school zones, slow down and drive with caution. Remember, children may not pay sufficient attention to traffic. Morning drop-offs and afternoon pick-ups are particularly busy. Always observe the speed limit.

    2) Keep your attention on the road
    Drivers can be distracted by conversations with passengers, cell phones, eating, listening to the radio and other activities carried out in slow-moving traffic. It only takes a few seconds for a life-changing accident to occur so keep distractions to a minimum.

    3) Look out for crossing guards
    Some schools use crossing guards to help students across the road – look out for them. They’re usually easy to spot with high-visibility gear or handheld stop signs. Obey their signals.

    4) Do not stop on pedestrian crosswalks
    Never, ever block a crosswalk; doing so requires pedestrians to move around you, putting them in the line of moving cars.

    5) Double parking is a no-no
    No matter the rush to drop off children or pick them up from school, always ensure that you do not double-park on a public road. Doing this puts other parents, children, and other road users at a disadvantage.

    6) Carpooling
    Carpooling is an arrangement between people to make a regular journey in a single vehicle, typically with each person taking turns driving the other. If possible, parents of schoolchildren attending the same or nearby schools can practise carpooling to reduce the number of cars journeying to school.

    7) Use designated areas for drop-off and collection
    When dropping your children off, make sure to do so at a safe place and try to avoid areas where they will have to cross a busy road without assistance. If the school has designated drop-off areas, use them. If not, work with the school to improve this.

    8) Always use seat belts and car seats for younger children
    Before starting your car, ensure that you are wearing your seatbelt and younger children are in car seats. Serious injuries can occur at slow speeds if drivers, passengers and children are not properly secured.

    9) Maintain your vehicle
    Routinely check your car to ensure it is working efficiently.

    10) Be patient
    Back-to-school traffic can be particularly heavy, especially during the first few weeks after schools reopen. Begin your journey with plenty of time to spare and be a patient and courteous road user.

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