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Our Commercial Own Goods Motor Policy provides cover for vehicles used to transport your own goods such as pick-ups, panel vans, trucks, owner-driven taxis etc.

All our policyholders can drive with the assurance of knowing that in the case of accident or breakdown, they can contact our Free Emergency Roadside Assistance at (246) 829-8400.

Other Roadside Assistance services include:

Towing services are not available for trucks over 3 tons, maxi taxis and wreckers

Also available for our comprehensive coverage policies:

Flood & Special Perils (FREE)

Coverage is extended to include damage caused by:

Commercial All Risks Policy

In addition to the perils covered under the Fire and Allied Perils policy Commercial All Risks policy extends to cover your property against accidental damage and burglary.

A Commercial All Risks Policy excludes only risks that have been specifically outlined in the contract. “All risks” means that any risk that the contract does not specifically omit is automatically covered.

Windscreen Damage

For an additional cost, this coverage will allow you to claim for a broken windscreen or window glass up to your required limit.  Your existing No Claim Discount will not be affected by any windscreen damage claims made.

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