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Refund policy and procedure

Refund policy and procedure

General Accident Ins. Co. Ja. Ltd. will refund an incorrect payment/overpayment made by a customer via once the following documents are submitted to the Customer Service Department.
  • Written request by customer
  • TRN number
  • Valid identification, i.e. driver’s licence, voter’s id or passport
  • Last four (4) digits on credit card used to make payment
  • Cardholder’s name
  • Policy number payment was made to

Upon receipt of the above documents the customer’s account will be adjusted in Underwriter and a request sent to the Accounts Department who will prepare the requisite refund to the customer’s credit card.

The Bank (Credit Card Centre) can also make the request on behalf of the  customer. This request should be submitted on the Bank’s letterhead and  signed by the appropriate signing officer.