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Our History

Our History


FOUNDER - January, 23

DESMOND Blades, the iconic Barbados-born businessman who made Jamaica his home and etched his name in the annals of local private sector history.


Joint Partnership

General Accident Fire & Life Assurance Corporation "GAFLAC" - A Scotland-based global   insurance company and Musson Group of Companies.



Musson (Jamaica) Limited became the sole parent of General Accident.


Brand Retained

General Accident retained it's brand, underwriting and management philosophies it was known for in the insurance and reinsurance industries, which have served the Company and its policyholders well for 30 years.

General Accident started operations in Jamaica in the 1920’s as agents for the world wide insurance company of General Accident Fire & Life Assurance Corporation,GAFLAC, located in Perth Scotland, a 1885 entity with significant presence in 45 countries.

In 1981, General Accident Jamaica was incorporated as the local insurer with shareholders Musson Jamaica, as the major shareholder and General Accident, Perth as the minor shareholder but who like any good mother GAFLAC provided the guidance and support through a management contract which provided access to many facilities which would not normally be available to a small company.

Musson Jamaica Ltd. whose core business has been involved in manufacturing and merchandising within Jamaica for the past fifty-two years, took over full ownership of General Accident in 1997.



Trinidad Acquisition

General Accident acquired a majority stake in Motor One Insurance Company Limited (“Motor One”) a Trinidadian motor insurance company headquartered in Port of Spain with a large branch network throughout Trinidad.